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not liking the music game. at all. AT ALL...
Unread 8. March 2012, 07:33   #1
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not liking the music game. at all. AT ALL...

so there is a mini rock band game in two worlds 2. my thought was...more power to ya, not for me.

but then I saw I will get a quest where I have to play the flute.

a) this sucks RP wise. because for every cool character that would love to have flute as hobby or even vocation, there are two others that would not be caught dead playing the flute. Hey, you have abso-fucking-lutly no predilection or ability to play an instrument. now you have to!

b) I am pretty terrible at rock band. I have a wife and two kids, I play it with them, and I am the worst BY FAR. I thought I would buy a guitar and music and try it out since a quest was coming up. my song could be called "red notes, red notes, red notes...and a single green note." the guards will attack you for bumping into to many people (never had that happen but I know it can) I am surprised that I was not MURDERED by guards for my guitar playing.

any mods for this?

a secondary related question....finding mods on this site is not as straightforward as on like the nexus site. I found a place with 8 downloads listed but then I saw some buried in threads. am I just missing something on how to find the mods on this site?
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Re: not liking the music game. at all. AT ALL...
Unread 8. March 2012, 16:29   #2
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Re: not liking the music game. at all. AT ALL...

If you're referring to the quest where you have to play a musical instrument to open a series of vault doors, just hit one of the mini-game music buttons to start and wait. When the game is over (no matter how badly you played, or even if you didn't bother trying) the door will open.

In PotFF, there is another such game. Unfortunately, this time it's an unavoidable part of the main quest and you can't simply choose to not participate. Even more unfortunately, you can't just wait this one out like the other one. The good news is there is a console command that will get you past it. Open the console and enter "twoworldscheats" followed by "quest.cq 6644". This will tell the game you've already successfully solved the music mini-game and allow you to continue past it. Be prepared for combat when you do that, because immediately after the cut-scene, the boss attacks.
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game, IDEA/REQ, liking, music

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