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Gameplay Info
Unread 30. December 2010, 17:17   #1
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Gameplay Info

once the game releases in the in english speaking regions, i expect this part of the forum to get a little bit more active. and, there will surely be alot of questions.

i'd like to get some info going on how certain aspects of this game work, but i'll start with basic controls (i'm on ps3, but i assume 360 and PC w/controller are essentially the same.)

everything you do in this game must done deliberately, as there are alot contextual, modal, and assignable commands.

L2/LT: Standing(S); Sneak
While Moving (M); Sprint
Standing with Weapon Readied (W); Block (B)
With Bow Readied and Drawn (D); Sniper View (Z) (for "zoom")
(Z); Mark Targets for Multi-arrow (only in multi-arrow is selected and ready)

R2/RT: (S) or (M); unarmed attack
(W); melee weapon attack (jump attack is automatic if your target is at the correct distance), draw bow (release to fire) , or cast spell (must be held until spell is charged)
(B); melee attack or counter (if timed with enemy attack), with bow a kick is performed, staff becomes a melee weapon that behaves like a polearm (but does blunt and elemental damage)

X/A: (S); Jump (mostly useless)
(M); Jump Forward (movement includes: walking, running, and sprinting with or without a weapon.)
(W) or (B); Backstep and Attack (single action, can be performed very rapidly after a regular attack.) (with a bow, only a backstep is performed.)
Context Sensitive; X/A is also used for almost all interactions. open, talk, deathstrike, etc. are all performed with this button when the appropriate prompt is on the screen.

[]/X, ^/Y, O/B, L1/LB, R1/RB: these are all assignable, but change depending on your current mode.

R3/RS: open radial menu (some options are only available in specific modes). pressing any assignable button changes it's affect to whatever you have selected. pressing X/A is a "use now" command.

D-pad: left, up, and, right changes your equipment to the corresponding set. to make an equipment set, simply press the direction you want and equip/unequip anything you want.
down is used to ready/unready your weapons.

Start: pause menu

Select/Back: open inventory

(your map, quest log, and reputation list are actually items that can be assigned to a button or used from the inventory or radial menu.)
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Re: Gameplay Info
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Re: Gameplay Info

Someone should make a similar full list for Xbox controls, merge it with this one and sticky the thread. I'm putting it into the navbar on TWV for posterity.

Ok, I looked through the official manual and since the publisher allowed me using images from the manual a while back, I'm posting this here (if there's a problem with it, mods please delete it!)

Xbox360 controller layout (default)
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two worlds 2

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