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Creative ideas based on advanced technology
  • The complex magic system DEMONS enables the creation of individual spells with the aid of spell cards. Naturally the player can combine different spell cards and this means that an almost endless number of different spells can be created.
  • CRAFT technology symbolizes a revolutionary metallurgy system which enables the player to individually design his own weapons and armor. The possibilities are practically endless. The appearance and quality of objects can be modified using various "basic ingredients", like metals, woods and dyes. And magic artifacts also boost the value of the player's best creations. All creations can be broken down into their individual parts and can then be reused.
  • The advanced ecosystem also addresses the type of store, the amount of merchandise available and the reputation of the player when fixing prices. This means that profit margins can be really high if the player's buying and selling behavior is handled intelligently.
  • The introduction of light-linked, physical effects enables completely new benchmarks as far as atmosphere is concerned. Lanterns swaying in the wind or sputtering fire torches are calculated with their cast shadows in realtime and integrated into the game. The result of this is a uniquely realistic light design.
  • The application of a magic eye enables the player to explore the environment. The so-called Oculus (Latin for eye) is the ethereal aura of a disembodied eye, which glides invisibly and silently through the air controlled by its master. Additional options like fireballs also create a totally new influence on gameplay and on targeted strategic courses of action.
  • The sophisticated PAPAKTM alchemy system enables a player to create special potions which target and strengthen one or more of his hero's skills. The ingredients for these potions might be plants, minerals or animal ingredients which can be collected (Mother Nature has it all in Antaloor), bought in merchants' stores or taken from the corpses of defeated opponents.
  • The interactive physics system for movable objects creates special demands during the game. Chests have to be stacked, barrels thrown or perhaps hidden levers pulled to achieve specific objectives.
  • Challenging mini-games at various locations inject variety into the gameplay, guaranteeing a high level of motivation. When the player comes across a lock, for example, he'll encounter a dexterity game - and if he urgently needs money, he can try his luck at dice or risk picking a pocket or two!


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