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Name:  Warbeast.gif
Views: 1432
Size:  12.1 KBWarbeast
This very intelligent monster race is a genetic cross between a werewolf and other wild animals. They often hunt in packs and are mostly active by night. Thanks to their extremely fast adaptability, these hunters are being seen more and more through the day and have meanwhile taken over many regions of Antaloor. They eat almost any kind of meat, from smaller mammals to human beings. For the latter, Werbeasts are very dangerous, due to their lightning-fast speed and razor-sharp claws. The normal rural population has almost no chance if attacked by one of these beasts, and even hardy warriors must use extreme caution if they come up against one or more Werbeasts.

Name:  Velocis.gif
Views: 1434
Size:  12.9 KBVelocis (Clawed Worm)
If a monster could kill by its looks alone, then the horrible appearance of the Claw Worm would have a good chance of being number one on the list of killers. But the Velocis (its scientific name) doesn't need to kill that way. Its massive head, which mostly consists of fangs, locks onto an opponent like a vice, followed by the rear part with its powerful claws. Research has shown that the Claw Worm developed in the H Even today, players will mainly come across the Velocis in the hot regions of Antaloor. Well disguised, it lies in wait for its unsuspecting victims. So it's a case of keeping the eyes open... and running away if possible - because the lack of speed is the only weakness this creature possesses.

Name:  Scythe.gif
Views: 1428
Size:  17.0 KBScythe
OK, this isn't Edward Scissorhands 2.0 - but the effects of being hit by a Scythe could be compared to being cut by scissors... only much worse! The Scythe could be mistaken for a human being at a distance. Its upright motion and human limbs are a great disguise - until it gets close to you - but this is where the resemblance ends. The Scythe doesn't need any weapons... its two powerful saber blades growing out of his arms are usually enough. And it can dislocate the jaw of its skull-like head - and use its now-protruding fangs to bite an opponent. A deadly combination! Both intelligent and treacherous, the Scythe can usually be seen all over Antaloor. It likes to skulk in dark caves and dungeons.

Name:  crusher.gif
Views: 1434
Size:  15.0 KBCrusher
The Crusher lives up to its name, leaving behind a trail of debris wherever it goes. This creature symbolizes raw power - frontal attacks are a no-go here. It will destroy anything in its way, from human beings to trees, houses and cliffs. Its weak points are its sense of smell and sight, so the Crusher can be easily avoided. On the other hand, it's easy to track a member of this species, because it leaves a broad trail of destruction behind it, between 9 and 12 feet across! And at the end of this trail, you’ll find this dangerous juggernaut waiting for you - let's hope that it has its back turned when your hero sights it. Your chances of success are good if you try a fast attack against the neck area of this monster, where the tough skin is much thinner - but if your blade sticks in its outer skin layer, you can expect the most exciting rodeo of all time! However the real problems are starting in the underworld. The Crusher goes berserk in the narrow passageways, bringing certain death to all but the fleet of foot. They also have an unbelievable amount of endurance while fighting.
Information from Recent AP#09
Image taken from TWV

Name:  MUMMY.png
Views: 1425
Size:  82.7 KB
Zombies are found all over the world of Antaloor, but since the outbreak ofm 'taint' there now seen in daylight as well.Undeads maybe be slow but there long hands and poisnous claws moe than make up for it, they're much more lethal when found in groups.
*Picture from TWV
Infomation from Recent AP #08

Name:  crab.png
Views: 1428
Size:  23.7 KBCrab
This insect-like being is certainly one of the most interesting life forms on Antaloor.The unique blend of insect and saurian seems to counteract all the theories of evolution and the creature attracts attention wherever it goes. The Crab doesn't only sidle sideways like a real crab; it can crouch down, then spring up amazingly fast to propel itself for relatively long distances.In other words, it attacks like a cricket or a jumping spider- and this tactic has surprised many opponents who thought they were out of its reach... but the nasty talents of this leaping wonder are really amazing!
When it has reached its victim, it immediately delivers a lightning-fast attack... and what an attack it is! Its unnaturally long tongue shoots out of its jaws, covering unwary opponents with a dangerous poison which works really fast, paralyzing parts of the victim's body. When that poison starts to take effect, things can only get worse… horrified and almost totally defenseless, your hero will watch the Crab calling its young from their hiding place... and then the feast begins! So if your hero isn't well-equipped, just avoid this creature! It actually looks pretty harmless too... a low-down trick...
Image Taken from TWV
Information from Recent AP#12
Mentioned in old AP#06 and Old AP#20

Name:  Droser.png
Views: 1436
Size:  89.0 KBDroser
To describe the Droser as a dangerous Crab would be understating the case a little...okay, so it does resemble its smaller cousin, especially in habitat and movement, but it's there that the resemblance ends... because the size of its extremities and its attack-hungry nature are two absolutely unique features which amply demonstrate the vicious power that this creature possesses. Moving surprisingly fast on its powerful claws, the Droser is to be found on the beaches of Antaloor... and only there. These creatures hardly ever leave their natural habitats beside the ocean. They are very possessive, however, and will defend their territories with deadly intent, and this is especially true when their young have just hatched.Any hero who comes across a Droser must also watch out for its dangerous tail. It shoots out like a bony lance and can easily impale your unwary adventurer.The skewered meat on a stick (which is your hero) is a mouthwatering attraction for the creatures' young... so aspiring heroes should really watch their step and do their level best NOT to end up as the Droser menu of the day! Here are a couple of tips for you: try attacking it with big clubs, they can crack its armored shell… but, no… on second thoughts, it might just be better to hightail it outta there.... and fast!
Image taken from TWV
Information taken from Recent AP #13
Mentioned in AP#07

Name:  Gargoyle.png
Views: 1425
Size:  94.0 KBGargoyle
There’s one truly terrible creature that makes nearly all the creatures on Antaloor tremble with fear… even Scythes and Werbeasts, no slouches themselves when it comes to killing, will turn tail and head for the high hills when this terrifying beast appears on the scene. Well, what could it be, eh? Yes, it’s the Gargoyle. This is a species that’s almost extinct on Antaloor- but the few that remain are probably the most dangerous creatures in the entire world. The adults can be as big as a house and their powerful wings make them as agile as antelopes.They can’t use the wings to fly, but they do help them to take tremendous leaps towards their opponents. They have huge paws with razor-sharp claws -and those, combined with their long reach, are perfectfor dealing a deadly onetwo.
Their skin consists of a leathery substance, partly covered with scales - an almost impenetrable armor. In hand- to-hand combat, they use their horned skulls, which can turn entire cliffs to dust - and they also use their arms which have truly nasty claws. Only a Dragon can withstand a serious attack by a Gargoyle - and anyone who’s fortunate enough to observe a fight between these two titanic opponents (from a safe distance,please!) will remember it for the rest of his life...
*Picture taken from TWV
Information from Recent AP#13
Mentioned in AP#04

Name:  Rhino trans.png
Views: 1398
Size:  112.9 KBRhino
Rhino's are found in the Savannah's of Antaloor they dont pose a major threat...thats If you dont get too close.If you do get too lose they will charge straight at you, even If your wearing a suit of Armour there Horn will pierce it, and cause severe damage to the hero's health so be ware!
They arn't as tame as the ones you'll find in your Local Captivity.
Mentioned in Old AP#02

Name:  Giant Ant.png
Views: 1266
Size:  106.5 KBGiant Ant
For those that played Two Worlds 1 will probably remember the Trachidis.We'll over time the Trachidis has evolved and an Gaint Ant is what you have!
Relying on its senses smell and sound due to its undeveloped eyes you wont be able to just sneak past to don't underestimate it.
As one whiff of the hero and its ready to pounce.
But who's to say you can use its disadvantages to your advantage so think wisely on your adventures!
Mentioned in Old AP#18

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