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TW2 Characters

Gandohar has long been posing as hero's friend in TW1, pretending to be just an unwilling servant of an evil society that kidnapped hero's sister, Kyra. After an unfortunate accident involving summoning the spirit of Aziraal, the god of Orcs and fire, Gandohar was able to contain the evil force within Kyra, and thus gain access to power beyond the realm of mortals.

Gandohar miraculously survived our hero's (seemingly) final blow. For five long years afterwards, Gandohar has been ammassing his power and dominion over the settled lands of Antaloor, until he finally succeeded in becoming the supreme ruler of the land. Vast orc armies that were threatening human kingdoms of Thalmont, Cathalon and independent cities, were wiped out owing to Gandohar's cunning use of the evil device uncovered by our hero in Dead Forest.

This victory turned the populace to Gandohar as their hero, cementing the dark wizard's rule over the land. From that point on, Gandohar has become the 'good guy' and saviour, while our hero has been stigmatized as a villain. Gandohar now uses Kyra's soul as a conduit to imprisoned deity's immesurable power, and hero's sister gradually fades away.

The unfortunate first attempt to rescue his sister ended badly for our hero. Gandohar has imprisoned him, too, and now tortures the hero to weaken his resolve and mock the hapless adventurer...

The brutal torture stops when there's a new attempt to free our hero from Gandohar's clutches. Few remaining orcs led by Rogdor, the orc chief, and aided by Dar-Pha, the female orc assassin, will have to dispatch of the guards and quickly get hero to safety, before the dark lord musters his vast defences...

Our hero will then embark on a new adventure - one which will require him to learn more about Gandohar's mysterious past, especially during the dark wizard's days at the magical university of New Ashos. Gandohar's journal, split into pieces spread around the world, holds the secret of how the evil sorcerer came to understand the true role of human vessels, Verita (Taint) and the gods of Antaloor... will our hero follow into Gandohar's footsteps after learning the secrets of power, or deny the dark lord his newfound connection to the deities? Will he be able to save his sister before Gandohar finally breaks her will and flesh and gains access to Aziraal's full power? Play TW2 to find out!
Description taken from TWV

Sordahon alias dark lord
Sordahon alias dark lord Sordahon, fearfully called the Dark Lord by the populace of Antaloor, lives up to his name.As leader of the legendary Myrmidae, the terrible servants of emperor Gandohar, this mysterious being symbolises pure evil... and is the complete combat machine.Besides his powerful weapons, usually a huge flail used in combination with a gigantic shield, Sordahon has an impressive arsenal of magic at his evil fingertips.And it goes without saying that this is magic of the dark kind. He's the right arm of Gandohar- and this horrible creature destroys any and all potential sources of danger for the shortly self elected ruler of Antaloor - quickly and effectively
of course!

Dragon Queen
The Dragon Queen is another one of the Main Characters that will be presented to you multiple times through story progression.
She will be often found in here Stately Palace and its just as dark and evil as 'The Dragon Queen' can be!
Not much is known on her at the moment but we have reason to believe she is 'Cold Blooded Killer' whether this is good for us remains to be seen.
Looks can be decieving but could this woman have a heart?

Rogdor es el líder indiscutible de los orcos que quedan en Antaloor. No hay duda de que es un gran guerrero, de lo contrario nunca abría subido tanto en la jerarquía orca. Tanto si blande una espada a dos manos o un hacha enorme como si ataca con un arma en cada mano, Rogdor es la personificación de una máquina de luchar perfecta, ¡y no será fácil detenerlo!

Pero este orco feroz tiene otra cara, una cara que te sorprenderá... porque en una cultura totalmente centrada en la lucha, la fuerza y la dominación, Rogdor cree en la equidad y la justicia. Curtido por la batalla histórica de Gor Gammar, en la que casi perdió la vida, Rogdor pronto se convertirá en un compañero importante para el héroe, porque sabe que así tendrá la oportunidad de llegar ante Gandohar y vengarse de él.

Dar Pha
'Dar Pha' looks like an Elf with her pointy ears but seems to have associated her with the ORC Race is she a mix of Orc and Elf who knows and has labelled her self a Female Orc, dressed in black from head to toe she has an advantage in dark places, which benefits her to remain un-seen.

She was chosen to participate in Rogdors plan to release the Hero from deep in 'Gandohars' castle, using a combination of quick and stealthy moves Dar Pha is able to set the hero free but the plan go along smoothly when the guards realise the Hero's missing....

Nortar is another one of the Orcs that's involved in Rogdors plan to free you.
Unlike his Partner Dar Pha Nortar specializes in Ranged Combat meaning he's very skilled with the Bow.He makes sure anyone that poses a thread at far range is eliminated before they get to him or you!
Its also believed Nortar is the first person to teach you how to use a Bow & Arrow.

Swamp Witch
The Swamp Witch is believed to be one of the oldest beings in the whole of Antaloor and can be found deep within the Swamp in a multi-story Tree House type accomidation.
Obviously she uses Magic and pratices it in her Tree House where nobody dares to bother her, she constantly has her eyes on 'being's like for instance YOU!
The Hero will eventually cross paths with her even though she's old never underestimate her power and wisdom or you'll be in for a nasty shock.
On the belt she wears there's souvenirs of victims head's she's slayed let that be a warning to you!
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