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issueid=87 4. May 2009 17:37
New Member

I get an error message saying it was installed improperly. I am using steam and vista. Help please.
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Project Inside Two Worlds
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13. August 2009 21:49
Member Level 3
maybe windows xp it can run oblivion why not two worlds.
24. November 2009 04:35
New Member
Originally Posted by Savewarrior1
maybe windows xp it can run oblivion why not two worlds.
i have xp and two worlds runs just fine... a little laggy but still fine
16. July 2010 19:29
New Member
I had the same problem.I think it has something to do with not fully downloading all the elements of the game or of the programs that run the game.Sadly i couldnt get mine to work so i just bought it for the xbox.

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