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Two Worlds Control Panel
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*New*   Two Worlds Control Panel 1.0.7 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry 5 *

  Two Worlds Control Panel enables you to tweak and manage Two Worlds.

You will need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed!


Request a new feature, report a bug:

Changelog 1.0.7:
  • Bugfix for wrong progress on downloading larger files

Changelog 1.0.6:
  • Reworked behaviour of Mods: Intelligent refreshing only changed data. Update of mod database can be triggered manually.
  • Improved fallback if downloaded mod database is broken
  • Savegames: Support for Update 1.6: Reading used mods for savegames. Displaying status and name of required mod.
  • Improved support for x64 Systems, all features that are not working with x64 are now disabled (e.g. unpacking WD's, checking for conflicts)
  • Tweaker: New option to reset version of Two Worlds

Changelog 1.0.5:
  • New language: Swedish
  • Mods: Optimized GUI which can do filter much easier
  • Mods: Conflict checking. It detects if enabled mods are using same files, e.g. Maps or scripts and can deactivate all conflicting automatically. This should avoid a lot of problems.
  • Mods: New rating system which counts also downloads
  • If a skin is active, Messageboxes are now also skinned
  • Tweaker, Troubleshooting: Using Vista, it fixes the message "Invalid user name. Your user name contains invalid characters" by creating a new profile

  • Enabling support of Skins, you can also disable skinning
  • Online Features like Update checks have been included
  • Multilanguage Userinterface (currently english, german, russian, dutch, french, swedish)

  • Change Priority of TwoWorlds.com
  • Run TwoWorlds only on one core
  • Define additonal hidden switches for timing on AMD CPU's
  • Start Two Worlds in Savemode
  • Force resolution
  • Start directly into Multiplayer
  • Launch Two Worlds with a Savegame

Manage/Download Mods
  • Download, update, uninstall and enable/disable Mods
  • View ratings, preview picture

  • Optimize Two Worlds, manage console commands via @textfiles.txt and AutoexecGame2.con
  • Commands for tuning can be automatically updated, fixed bug with high/low
  • Set day/night cycle, presets available
  • Help with colours

  • Setup Movie for recording from Two Worlds Engine, see also: http://www.insidetwoworlds.com/index...ticle&id=27024
  • Extract .CON from Parameters.wd
  • Ability to restore default WarNet Server
  • Enable NAT Resolver
  • Delete Activation
  • Enable High Quality Shadows
  • Set/Force Screen Resolution
  • Ability to delete Two Worlds' graphic settings
  • Ability to delete Two Worlds' complete registry
  • Enable support of Xbox Gamepads
  • Disable Intro/Company Movies
  • Disable Active Main Menu
  • Disabled Profiles Dialog
  • Recover Online Account and Password
  • Export Activationdata to Registryfile (.REG), in case you reinstall Two Worlds and don't want to reactivate. Works only on unchanged Hardware!
  • View and delete Errorlog
  • Disable Sound

  • Convert to JPG and PNG
  • Delete, rename, resize

  • Display name, gameversion, date and screenshot.

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