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Two Worlds Modifications
How can I use these mods?
The easy way: Download Two Worlds Control Panel and use the Addin "Mods" to download, install and enable the mod automatically.

Alternative you can do it manually:
Download your desired mod, unpack if it's zipped and copy the containing .WD-Archive to following directory:
<installation path>\Two Worlds\Mods

To activate this mod in Two Worlds, you have to enable it by creating this registry value (valid from version 1.5):

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Reality Pump\TwoWorlds\Mods]

- Just delete the .WD-Archive file and delete the corresponding key in the registry.
New entries announced in forum Modifications (released)

*New*   Rainy Day (Main Menu) Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry 4 *

  Replaces shiny world with rainy and dark one. It does not affect ingame, it's just the main menu.

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4. August 2007
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