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Two Worlds 2 - Mods
Two Worlds 2 - Mods
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*New* Play as Female Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry
The flag that allows wearing female armour could be found in TwoWorlds.par(female ID) and it's easy to change it. But all SP armour intend for male character, so when this ID sets the character couldn't wear male armour.

So i just change all armour models to female types in TwoWorlds.par and remove startup clothes (because there is no same clothes for female character).

With this mod you can play for female character with a female armour type.

Don't use this mod when play for the male character in MP(female armour on the male character is even worse than male armour on the female character)


Autor: HeliX666

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11. December 2010
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