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» Two Worlds 2 ENG
Genre: RPG
Status: Gold
Multiplayer: up to 8

Release Date:
Mac US:January 2011
Mac UK:January 2011
PC DVD US:January 2011
PC DVD UK:January 2011

Xbox 360 US:January 2011
Xbox 360 UK:January 2011
PS3 US:January 2011
PS3 UK:January 2011

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» Two Worlds 1 ENG
Genre: RPG
Status: Released
Multiplayer: up to 8

Release Dates:
PC EU: released
PC PL:: released
PC US:: 29th Aug 07
PC UK:: 29th Aug 07
PC AUS:: 29th Aug 07
Demo:: released
Xbox 360:: 29th Aug 07
PC DVD, Xbox 360

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Reality Pump Gaming Studios - behind the scenes, part 1/2
26. July 2004 22:42 - by Phalynx
Who or what are the Reality Pump Game Studios?
Many people wonder about that, but aside from referencing some of their older game titles, most people have very little information, and are unable to answer precisely. This report will bring you closer to the work of Reality Pump, and let you look behind the scenes.

Reality Pump is a successful worldwide Game Developer, well known primarily due to the Earth series. Reality Pump games have been sold by many Publishers worldwide, such as Atari (KnightShift / Once Upon A Knight).

Let's not dwell (yet) on past success. Instead, let's start at Reality Pump's origins. Reality Pump wasn't its own company until february 2003. The group was founded in 1995 as one of two developement teams called "Team Krakow" from TopWare Poland SA. TopWare Poland is wholly owned subsidiary from the German Company ZuxxeZ Entertainment AG. After the insolvency of Topware AG in 2001, ZuxxeZ acquired all rights from TopWare Poland, consequently from Reality Pump too.

After the group was appropriated by ZuxxeZ (which consists mostly of former TopWare AG employees), a new name was needed. The team discussed more than 100 names, some of those discussions hot tempered, until a name was ultimately voted upon, and approverd. On July 4th 2001, Reality Pump was officially born. The name Eastern Reality Pump was also under discussion, but was rejected. In February 2003, Reality Pump was finally outsorced as an independent Company, which now signs with the firm name Reality Pump Sp. Z.o.o.

After 7 years of existence as Reality Pump, there have been few personnel changes. Some employees changed branches or departments, students became family men, young people joined the team - that's how the life goes.
All still remain young-at-heart. Afterall, they make games. The atmosphere is good. While a certain hierarchy is present, the atmosphere is still friendly, providing ideal conditions for the creative process.

In 2003, the Team moved to a smaller, but better, office space nextdoor. The benefit of this move speaks for itself. Employees are able to work closer together, and the rooms are air-conditioned, making the environment more comfortable.

Mirek Dymek
As Project Leader, Mirek pulls the strings. He began with pocket games and book andventures, later changing to Commodore C16. Nowadays, Mirek doesn't only play PC Games, he also likes playing on consoles. Command & Conquer, Warcraft 2, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (PC), Rogue Squadron (N64/PC), Roque Leader (GameCube) are some of his favorites.
When he isn't sitting in front of the computer or in the cinema, the is spending time with one of his telescopes, to look at the stars. In his opinion, it's a good opportunity, to relax after a hard day's work. As a committed astronomy-fan, he is also an active member of the astronomy community, writing reviews about astronomic equipment. Mirek is also a die-hard Star Wars Fan (at least until the modern Episode I). In winter, he enjoys fast ski-runs in good weather. Mirek joined Reality Pump shortly before the completion of Polanie (predecesor of Knightshift/Once Upon a Knight in Poland).

Tadeusz Zuber
Tadeusz is Director of Reality Pump and as beta coordinator also responsible for quality assurance. Along with business manager Manfred Morin, he can speak german fluently - which is very good for communication between Reality Pump an the german ZuxxeZ. Tadeusz is a big fan of games from "Blizzard". In his opinion you can buy all blizzard games blind, especially WarCraft and StarCraft. Tadeusz was formerly responsible for Tools at TopWare Poland, before he changed to Reality Pump.

Reality Pump Staff:

Manfred Morin
Business Manager

Jacek Sikora

Konrad Kwiatkowski

Mariusz Szaflik

Pawel Gieruszczak

Slawomir Jedrzejewski
Graphics 3D

Wojciech Drazek
Graphics 2D/3D

Vilette Tranter
Graphics 2D

Grzegorz Wisniewski
Graphics 3D

Jean-Miechel Maheu
Graphics 3D

Piotr Sulek
Graphics 3D

Rafal Januszkiewicz
Graphics 3D (standing)

Adam Salawa
Level Designer

Miroslaw Burzynski
Netzwerk Administrator

Krzysztof Janeczek
Beta Tester

Tymoteusz Trzaska
Beta Tester

Daniel Duplaga
Localisations Coordinator (sitting)

When writing this report, I searched my harddrive for usable material. What I found was some older pictures from Reality Pump. These pictures show Team Krakow (nowadays Reality Pump) while developing Earth 2150.

Team Krakow 1998

Team Krakow 1998
Jan Nitecki (Programmer)
Slawomir Jedrzejewski (Graphics)
Tomasz Barabasz (Programmer)
Vilette Tranter (Graphicsin)
Miroslaw Dymek (Projektleiter)

Rafal Januszkiewicz (Graphics)
Krzysztof Rybczynski (Graphics)

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Author: Phalynx
Translation: Schlaxi
Edited by: Chip
Date: 10.07.2004
Edited: 15.7.2004

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